Custom Quilts and Care

About your quilt:

Finding Sweet Land Quilts are made with love. They are pre-washed in hypoallergenic baby detergent and tumble dried for optimal fluffiness. They come from a smoke-free home, and pet-free studio. You can find more information about your specific quilt by clicking on the picture of your quilt from the "My Quilts" page located above.

 Caring for your Quilt:

Finding Sweet Land quilts are machine bound and are meant to be used, cuddled, dragged behind little ones, and of course, loved. When you are ready to wash your quilt, wash on cold with like colors and tumble dry on low. Pull from the dryer while still a little damp and allow it to air dry. Your quilt will not shrink any more than how they arrived.

Pre-Made Baby Quilts:

Sometimes, I need a quick project to fulfill my need to be creative. So I make baby quilts in patterns and fabrics that I love. My kids have plenty of quilts of their own and so I try and donate or gift a lot of quilts. However, quilting is an expensive hobby, and sometimes I need to make up for the cost of fabric. My pre-made quilts are priced at $55 which usually only barely covers the cost of materials used. I only use quality quilting cotton.

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Custom Baby Quilts:

Custom baby quilts include the baby's name or monogram appliqued to the front of the quilt, and made in the colors or theme of your choice. You are more than welcome to suggest a pattern as well. Custom quilts range in price from $65 - $80 depending on what you want and what fabrics I currently have on hand.

For larger custom quilts please contact me directly for a quote. 

Please note: I DO NOT make a profit on my quilts. In fact, most of the time, I don't even make my money back on the materials I use. By selling these quilts at the price I do, they give people an opportunity to own a handmade quilt at an affordable price, while giving me the opportunity to work with beautiful fabric, and make something special.

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