Thursday, February 17, 2011

My nieces birthday present...

I picked this baby up at a garage sale in Alaska several years ago. It had been rotting away on some lady's side yard. It was the nastiest thing ever. I'm not even showing it before its pre-getting ready for the redo moment. It was literally, that bad. But when the hub and I needed a special project for our nieces birthday present, we knew this was it.

And here's the AFTER!

Its amazing what a little paint will do! Well, I didn't just add paint, I added some trim on the bottom, a small detail on the front (to cover the old lock hole). I also added some simple spindle feet to get it off the ground.

This is the detail we used to cover the hole. We also wanted to do something on the inside since it was just as ugly and simple as the outside. We went to Fred Meyer to see if they still made contact paper and if they did, find some with some character and would look great in this trunk. Well we found some!! So welined the inside with it. I was pretty proud and amazed at what some paint and trim will do!!

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