Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm in love...

With Target. Seriously, is a girl allowed to be in love with a store? I think so. Especially when it gives me SO many large gifts at only cents on the dollar. So I went back to Target today. Of course, if Target could talk, or text, I would run up my cell phone bill, but for now he and I just visit in person. I was needing to make a trip to Target for birthday cards for my grandmother who broke her ankle a couple weeks ago, so since I was there, I thought I'd show Pete how the workers are rearranging my clearance spots. Of course, as soon as I was about to show him the new baby clearance spot, there was a worker marking items down. I had to watch. The first item she handed me after marking it down, was this 4Moms Clearwater Infant Tub. It's got an internal thermometer so that the temperature of the water remains on a screen and if it gets top hot or too cold, it warns you. It normally retails for $42 at Target. It's been sitting there on clearance for a few weeks at $25. She handed to it me and I bought it today for $11. Then she said to me, do you need this? It was a baby bedding set that has been sitting there for a month or two now. I knew right away that it was an online order that someone returned to the store. The tag hasn't changed from $80 in all the time it's been sitting there. But when she asked me if I needed it, I simply asked her how much she was going to mark it down to. She said, well, let me see. She marked it to $40 and then said nope, I'm not done yet. Then she marked it again, $20. Then she marked it again, $10. Then I looked at Pete and said, $10? She said, hold on, I've got one more, and handed it to me, with a $7 tag. Um, yeah. I got a Babylicious Dot -Hazel Bedding set normally $114, for $7 today. I had to get it, even though a month ago, I found another bedding said on Craigslist that I fell in love with too. I bought this set (well used, but still very adorable and worth it) for $40. And that price tag was A-okay with me when I searched for it online and found out it normally retails for $350. So right now, I'm trying to choose between my new crib, or my Pottery Barn crib, and between the Babylicious bedding or the NurseryWorks Pinwheel bedding. The major difference is that the Pinwheel bedding comes with a skirt, bumper, quilt, pillow, and sheet. The Babylicious came with a skirt, sheet, and quilt. Any suggestions?

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