Friday, November 11, 2011

Currently on the design wall...

Yesterday I took my bi-weekly trip to my friend Brandy's home to catchup on Parenthood (LOVE) and took a stack of Amy Bulter fabric (plus a couple) to try out her AccuQuilt GO! Cutter. I've been wanting a tumbler quilt ever since I saw Allison's Fall Tumbler. Since I didn't actually have specific plans for the AB fabric, I figured, why not? I don't actually know what else I'm going to do with this top yet. I had just enough to make about 6 tumblers from each fabric, plus a few on the dark teal. So by the time I'm done piecing it together it's not going to be that big. I'll keep you posted on this one. It's my weekend end piecing project.

This Week:

I got my AB fabric cut to piece a tumbler quilt.
I completed the houndstooth top and backing.
I joined in on a Quilt Along, which I posted in my last post.
I joined a Christmas fat eigth fabric and hot chocolate swap.
I joined a holiday MUG RUG Swap.

I'm VERY VERY excited!

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  1. Love it! I'll send you the rest of the AB fabric I have so you can make a bigger quilt!