Thursday, January 5, 2012

A little bit of vintage

 My mother loves garage saleing. No really. Like every weekend garage saleing. Which is totally possible if you live in California. Which I don't. And that makes me mad. I've gotten some of my best deals at garage sales in California. Anyway, my mom sent a package to me with this old plastic box of wooden spools. At first I thought it was just your average thread. But when I opened it up, they were all spools of pure silk thread, gorgeous, and super soft. I don't know exactly what you do with silk thread. Anyone? I'd love to know.

 The coolest part in that container was this little box. I didn't expect I'd find these teeny tiny spools of silk thread. I love miniature everything. Antique miniature pools of thread. Awesome. 



  1. Those are ADORABLE!!! Don't sell them.. (If you don't want them you can give them back to me. I should have checked out that find more closely!) Seriously tho, Those are very cute! Glad you love them!! Come visit me & we can go garage sale-ing together!!! <3 Mom

  2. those are so gorgeous!! I wish my mom found stuff like that. She's more likely to give me little plaques with poems on them, lol