Tuesday, September 25, 2012

80's Friendship Link up...

The other day, I came across the Friendship Quilts Blog Hop at "from blank pages." She based the blog hop off of the friendship bracelets that were ever so popular in the 80's and making a HUGE comeback. I asked my husband what he thought of when he thought of the 80's and he said, Neon and Spandex. HA! I completely forgot about those spendex shorts with the neon stripes on the side. I totally wore those. When I thought of the 80's, I thought of neon, side pony tails, curly shoelaces, and New Kids on the Block. Then my movie mind kicked in and I was remembering all the movies I loved that came from the 80's. Which brings me to my mini-quilt.

My inspiration came from a few places. First off, this outfit:

This outfit is design by the fashion forward, fashion icon, ska/rock goddess, super cool mommy, Gwen Stefani. She has a design company called Hirajuku for Target. What I loved about this outfit is how awesomely 80's it is.

Second, my husband, who is also my best friend, and soon to be recipient of the mini, has 2 different colored eyes. One blue, and one green. Which just so happened to be the only two colors of neon fabric I could find at the store.

Third, E.T. That's right. The 1982 human/alien BFF team. This blog hop is, afterall, about friendship. Who better to represent then those two?

So are you ready to see it?

I'm linking up:

Quilting for a Cause


  1. oh, that is awesome! My hubby LOVES ET! He would love that. :) Thanks for playing along!! :)

  2. So cool! The ET theme is totally like rad to the max!!