Thursday, September 13, 2012

Diamond in the rough...

Today I was out and about early. My youngest had a well-baby check up at 8:40 and my oldest doesn't go to school until 11:30. I have this thing about wasting gas and not going out more than necessary in one day. So I headed on over to my local thrift shop to check things out. I found this beauty on the shelf alongside a Necchi and a White. It's a vintage Janome New Home sewing machine. I got it for $20 and it works! They test the machines before they put them out of the sale floor. I was shocked. Especially since my local thrift store jacks the prices up on pretty much everything. Typically, the sewing machines are priced at $50 for basic Brother's to $75 for older but higher end machines like the Necchi and Vikings, when they have them. I'm a little nervous to run it since it is older and I'm not sure as to its care. I will have it serviced as soon as I have some extra money. Basic service for machines here cost $80 minimum. To me, that's a whole lot of gas.

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  1. I was talking to my local sewing machine man and he said with the older machines oil is the key. Make sure you oil it and that it is oiled everywhere that it would move - if there is an instruction manual check that. If there is no machine oil with it use vegetable oil.
    Hope that this helps and that you get lots of sewing done on it.
    PS you might find the manual online if you are willing to look hard for it.