Monday, October 15, 2012

It's been a while...

You'd think I'd have a better excuse then, "Eh, I've been busy". Wouldn't it be amazing to say, "So sorry! I've been at Sewing Summit having the best time ever!!" Nope. Maybe next year. But this past weekend I worked on my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap. This is the first round I've gotten in to. It's such an elite group with past members such as Jeni Baker, John Adams, etc. I'm thrilled I got in for this round. It's a secret swap and my partner has been a silent participant. Meaning, she hasn't given any feedback on any of the projects that have been posted in the group pool, which makes pinpointing what she likes really difficult. So I went off of what she sent in her questionaire and have been sifting through her "favorites" in Flickr.

This is what I came up with:

I wanted the background for the dresdens to be text print, but would you believe that my quilt shop has no text prints? No seriosuly, they don't have ANY text prints. I asked the girl at the register:

"Do you guys not carry ANY text prints? Becuase I looked everywhere."

"Text prints? Like newspaper prints?"

"Yeah, or any print. Newspaper, cursive, block lettering, anything really."

 "No we don't."

"I'm really surpised. Because that's really big right now. It's super popular in the quilting community."

"Really? I haven't heard any thing about text prints." 

I was extremely disappointed and quite frankly, upset and angry. How can they claim the monopoloy here in our little town (our next nearest quilt shop is 15 minutes away in a little hardware store, and has even less than my already lame local quilt shop) if they don't carry what's currently "in" in the quilting world. I guess they still maintain that what modern quilters want is Riley Blake.  ???  There's a lot more out there than just fabric for traditional quilters and "baby quilt" makers. It's frustrating. Whenever I want something I have to get it online, forcing me to pay shipping because I generally don't need large quantities of anything all at once. Which means that I'm typically spending double what I could get it for in a store. Anyway, I still like how the pillow turned out and will definitly keep my eye open for text prints next time I'm in a different quilt store.


  1. Love the pillow!! Guess we will have to make another 4 hour round trip drive to the nearest awesome quilt shop in the sometime in the future:)

  2. Hi Jayme. Your pillow is darling! I have quite a few pieces of text fabric. Want some! Send me a note with your mailing address and I will pop some in the mail to you ; )