Friday, December 14, 2012

Swappy goodness

This past month or so I've participated in a few more swaps. I'm addicted I think. They are really fun because most of them are secret partners so you never know what's going to show up at your door. The fun part is stalking your partner and reading her blog/site, and streaming through her Flickr faves to really get an idea of what she's like. I always forget to post pictures of the things that I make and send, but at least I didn't forget this time to take a picture of the last one for 2012.

This package showed up in my mailbox yesterday. All the way from beautiful British Colombia. This package was for the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap. The rules are to put together a fat quarter size worth of scraps, and a handmade item.

Look what I got!!

Look at all that Heather Ross goodness up there!! Accompanied by a little Sarah Jane and Amy Butler. My partner really understood my likes/loves and packaged up accordingly. Look at the bag!! I LOVE that bag!

I think I also forgot to include these pics. I had been really going to town on making things for people this Christmas. I did mention my stockings, which I shared the Dr. Seuss one last post, but I also made a couple pillows and pouches. 


  1. I love swaps! I used to be in several monthly swaps and hosted one too, now I'm more focused on using what I swapped and getting caught up. There is nothing better than getting fabric squishies in the mail~

  2. I`m so happy you like your package, Jayme, it was so much fun to make!

  3. I love the Joy pillow!!! Great Job!!

  4. The pillows are great!!! Awesome design.

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  5. Good score! I love swaps!

    Jessica @ metamorpHOUSE

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