Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Year of Quilting - A Calendar by Maureen Cracknell

Last week I was making the rounds to the usual blogs that I follow. When I reached Maureen's blog,  there was something that was drawing me into the first photo. I continued to read the post and then returned my eyes to the photo that was calling to me. I realized my photographic eye was catching the slight glow that the quilt was giving off despite the fact that it was photographed on a dark snowy day.

I immediately emailed Maureen to offer to brighten the background of her photos so that her  darkened scenery would match the gorgeous brightened quilt. She was so excited that I had contacted her because at the same time she had been working on putting together a calendar for 2014 and wanted to make sure her photos would do it justice. OF COURSE THEY DO!! She's an amazing photographer, which comes naturally, I'm sure, because of her creative mindset. Maureen, being the super artistic and busy mama that she is, completed at least 1 quilt each month in addition to all the other amazing things she makes.

So hop on over to her blog to see all the photos that will be showcased in her debut calendar for 2014. These would make awesome presents and provide year round inspiration for your quilty friends!

While you're there, be sure to visit her Flickr gallery to see more eye candy of all her amazing quilts and projects!

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