Thursday, February 17, 2011

COLOR my world...

So I mentioned in a previous post that the home I was renting was all WHITE. That just won't do. There's way too much color in my personality to only have white in my home. Plus, bright colors just make me smile.

Clockwise from top left: That is my ikea couch I got on craigslist. My new white cover came only days after I moved into the townhome. Yay! I might even end up dying it. We'll see. I found these super cute flowers at Anna's Linens in Antioch for half the price of what they normally are. Then, in Rexburg, I found the 2 teal ones for even cheaper then the others! Woohoo! The fish are the front side of one of my pillows that I found at Homegoods. The Roxy pillow I found at Ross (used to be my favorite store, which now has been pushed down to 3rd by Homegoods and Target) for a mere $6. Original price of a Roxy pillow: $25. The big green printed pillow I found at Homegoods and I loved it so much because it is large and firm. Great for laying down on the floor. The white pillow, Vera Wang, from Khols, normally $40, got it for $7! Yay! I also, came across the exact same pillow in a quilting magazine only days ago. And the last but not least. I wanted to add a bit more color to my drab/white living room, and I also wanted to try/attempt to keep my pretty white couch clean as long as I possibly could with a 2 year old. So I grabbed my college quilt that my mom made me, yes, my mother made that quilt (yay mom!) and used it as a liner for my couch. I absolutely love the POP that it gives that end of the living room. Now I need to turn around and do something to the other side of the downstairs.

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