Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girls Armoire: Posting from my hubby...

My wife was on Craigslist the other night when she came across 2 tv armoires for only $50! They weren't all that pretty, but she knew instantly what she wanted done to them.

We arranged pick-up in Oakland the next morning, and we were off. We got there, and took a look at them. They were just the right size. It was just the top half of what would normally be an entertainment armoire. So it was perfect.

While we were looking at them in the back of this guy's house, I noticed a furniture dolly sitting there and asked him if I could borrow it to load them. He told me not worry about that and that he would have "the guys" bring it around and load it for us. I was like wow, this is awesome, I was some "guys". (wow that sounded pretty gay, and I'm not even going to try and rephrase it, because no matter how I word it, it just sounds gay.) So the "guys" loaded it up in the truck and we were off back to Antioch.

I unloaded them and parked them in the garage until I had time to work on them. This is what I started with:
This wasn't a huge project, but it did take some time. I started by stripping all of the hardware off of it, including the hinges. I have found that I like the look of non painted hinges better. So once that was done, I primered the entire thing, inside and out with my favorite Rustoleum Primer. I then went and got a gallon of Velspar Gloss paint tinted just a little, but still very white. I then painted it all, It actually took a couple of coats on the sides to get good coverage. The one tip that I can give when using gloss or high gloss paint is dont play with it too much or it'll leave brush marks. Just brush it on, and maybe twice more, then LEAVE IT ALONE! The brush lines that are there will flatten out and it will look perfect!

So after painting the inside and out, I also added a piece of fabric to the back. There were two reasons for this; 1. I didn't have to paint the back and 2. it made it a little more girly.

And here's the finished product:

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