Thursday, February 17, 2011

This post is from my husband... Headboard/Footboard to bench project

I have been trying to think of all the projects that I have done since we got here to California. I had almost forgot about this one until I started to go through my pictures on my phone.

Here's the story on this on. My wife had my MIL buy this head and foot board at a garage sale in Danville, Ca several months ago. She paid a whole $15 for theses beauties. My wife had a seen the idea of making an old bed into a bench in the 100 Decorating Ideas under $100 magazine.

image removed

So all I had to go off of was one picture, that wasn't even very clear, so I had to plan and figure things as I went.

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures as I went along. I know, its terrible, but I get so caught up in doing that I sometimes forget to document things.

Here is the before I painted picture though:
I guess I should explain several things, and how I did them, even though I don't have pictures to help those of you who might need/ want them. In order to find the right depth, I had to do two things; first I went and measured a few other chairs to find out how deep they were. Then I took the foot board and started to play with where that depth of the seat would fall on it. So there was a compromise with depth, esthetics, and functionality. Because of how the head board sloped down, and the foot board sloped up, I was trying to marry them at just the right point so it looked like it was ment to be. So the bench isn't quite as deep as a normal seat may be, but it is mostly for looks afterall. It will be great for an entry way bench though, becuase it is on the narrow side.
Once I decided on where to cut the foot board, I had to attach it. I used a couple of screws, but then I added a few dowels as well for added strength. I also wanted to add a detail that hung down on the foot board, but I didn't want it to be right on the seat, so I took one of the side boards that came witht he bed, and cut it to place in the front. The actual seat of the bench is 1" pine board that I got at Home Depot. It cost a little, but I have been able to use other pieces of it in more projects. Plus I didn't want to get 3/4" board and have it sagging in any way. I attached this with some screws, but again I used dowels for added strength and stability (like things were made back in the day!).

So once all that was done, and I puttied in the holes, and some of the cracks, it was time to primer and paint. And what I've learned form redoing some furniture is this; 1. You DON'T have to sand things down to bare wood. 2. using a good quality of primer is ESSENTIAL (you get what you pay for, off brands). and 3. The same goes with paint and brushes. If you want it to last and look great, don't be cheap. Spend the little bit more and you will see the difference when you work with the paint.

For all fo these projects I have fallen in love with Rustoleom's 2x coverage primer and paint. It sprays great, and you truly get 2x the coverage. I aslo bought one of those spray can attachments and boy am I glad. That has saved my fingers and forearms some serious cramping and pain.

Any way, I only primered the bench for now until the wife decides what color she wants it, and if she wants to keep it, or sell it on craigslist.

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