Thursday, February 17, 2011

I really don't know think that's how many projects I've got going on right now...sometimes it seems like more, sometimes less. But this one is officially done. I picked up this baby at a garage sale in W.C., Cali, way back in March and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, mostly thanks to one Allison over at CluckCluckSew (and now back here in Rexburg! WOOHOO!). I don't know about how much I really spent on this vintage children's rocking chair but I'm willing to bet that the spray paint was probably more than the chair itself. Anyway, I LOVE the way it turned out. Thanks to my big sis and bargain-finder-partner, Brianne, for letting me stash this in her garage while I painted it and let it dry. I probably would not have gotten it done if you hadn't done yours first and inspired me to just do it. I can't wait to get this baby into Jense's play room (which is slowly becoming my pack and store room). But for now it will look great with his firetruck and his little computer table. Now on to project 1,025, getting the computer fixed so Jense can actually use it.

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