Friday, November 4, 2011

Quilt Labels...

Another reason that I haven't really started in on my quilting is that I want to make my quilts look absolutely thought through and complete. One of the ways that I think you can put the cherry on top when it comes to quilting is to add a label. I've been doing research for a while and since there are soooo many wonderful quilters out there that use different kinds, I thought it wise to just stick within my budget and try out something and see if I like it. If I don't, I'll use them up, and try again when I'm out. I did know the kind of look I wanted and that was a start. I wanted a folded label that I could sew into my binding. I didn't care much for the make, so long as it wouldn't fade and wouldn't fray. I came across a blog, though for the life of me I can't figure out what it was now, and came across a guy that prints custom twill tape, and also grosgain ribbon. There's no minimum order and shipping is free. Prices start at 9.95 for one yard of custom printed twill or ribbon, and then goes down from there the more you order. I just put my order in yesterday and sent him my artwork today. It should ship out this evening or tomorrow and I'll get it at the start of next week. I may or may not use my seam ripper on a previous baby quilt to add the label since it's going to a fundraiser in California. I'll keep you updated on the status! Until then, if you want to look into ordering some of your very own. Visit The Twill Tape Guy, and if you don't already have a label designed I could help you out with that! I'm always willing to trade graphic work for a little fabric to up my slow growing stash!

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