Friday, December 9, 2011

Raw Edge Bunting Tutorial...

Holiday Raw Edge Bunting Tutorial


Template (cardstock, cardboard, or just plain copy paper if you are going to use a ruler)
Scissors or Rotary Cutter (use a pencil or fabric marker for tracing your template if you're using scissors)
Scraps of fabric (around 7x9 for a good size pennant)
Sewing machine
Bias Tape (I only used half the amount in the package)
Seams are 1/4" on the pennants and 1/2" on the bias tape. Please read through the instructions before beginning so you familiarize yourself with the steps.

1. Make yourself a template. I made my top 6.5" wide. I didn't worry about exact measurements because I wanted it to look a little scrappy. I made a dot on my cardboard (left over Transformer box) and used my ruler to make a triangle about 6.5" wide and 9" tall.

2. Place your template on your double folded fabric (Quadruple if you want 2 pennants of the same fabric) and cut. Repeat until you have cut all your pennants.

 3. Begin sewing at one of your corners where your short and long edges meet. (You won't worry about sewing the short edged top because that will be taken care of in the last step.)

 4. When you get to the tip of your pennant, stop about a 1/4" in from the end with your needle in the down position. Lift your pressure foot, and pivot the fabric so you can continue sewing along the next long edge of the pennant.

 Once you're done with your pennants, lay them out in your desired pattern. I used half of the amount of bias tape in the package that I bought, and with 6.5 in tops, I was able to make 7 pennants with a little tape left over on each side.

 I folded my bias tape in half and made a crease to I knew where my middle was. I started by opening the tape and placing pennant inside matching the center of the pennant to the center of the bias tape. I layed the bias tape flat again and put a pin in it ("...boop").

 Once the middle pennant was in place, I simply added my pennants to the right, and to the left, leaving a 1/4"in. between each one under the bias tape. Then I used a 1/2" in seam to sew the pennants in place.

 And there you go. A super duper easy bunting that can be made for any holiday or occasion.

 I made another one a few months ago using some vintage sheets. It's now being used as a photo prop. Check it out! Which is exactly where this holiday bunting is going as well!

I'm linking this tutorial up to Where Women Create

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