Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hilary's quilt is on it's way back from the quilter (insert super loud scream of excitement HERE) so all I have left for that project is to bind it! I was soooo surprised when the quilter called and said she had finished because she had just told me the other day that there were 2-3 quilts ahead of Hilary's. I was a little bummed and a little worried that I wouldn't get it back until the day before it was supposed to be sent to Alaska to it's new home, leaving me with literally NO TIME to bind it! So imagine how amazed I was that it was done already!!! And the quilting is AMAZING! I really need to get her site so I can share it (just in case any of my readers are in Eastern Idaho and are interested)! Pictures of the final quilt to come. LOTS I'm sure, since I will be SUPER proud and VERY sad that it will not be staying with me. But until then, I DID finish the coordinating pillow sham today. I wanted to be sure that I don't procrastinate all my projects til the VERY last minute.My current list of things to do are: Bind Hilary's Quilt, sandwhich/quilt/bind Laney's Quilt, sandwhich/quilt/bind Baylee's Quilt, and put together (completely from start to finish) my Modern Mini. I'm not so overwhelmed yet, so hopefully I can get going on those tonight!


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