Monday, February 6, 2012

Be My Mini...

Hey All...

SewMamaSew is hosting a tutorial contest, so I'm linking up tonight! Here it is, my Mini Heart Tutorial. I'm also linking this tutorial up to The CSI Project for their seeing Red challenge.


I used Bliss Scraps for my heart. 
The biggest pieces for the top were 2- 5.25" sqaures. 
But you could easily use a FQ of whatever you want your heart to be.
FQ of background fabric (I used white)
Rotary Cutting supplies (mat, ruler, blade)

ALWAYS use a 1/4" seam for this tutorial

 Cut your pieces to the following sizes.
Of your RED (heart) fabric:
2- 5.25" squares
1- 4" square

Of your White (background) fabric:
6- 2" squares
1- 4" square
2- 2" x 3.5" rectangles
2- 2" x 7.75" (not shown)
2- 2" x 12.5" (not shown)
 Step 1:
Use your ruler to draw a diagonal line on the WRONG side of all 6 of your 2" squares and the WRONG side of your 4" square.

 Step 2: 
Pin your 2" squares right sides to the right side of your 5.25" squares (as shown, I placed my pins in the same direction as my pencil marks so you can see which way they should be.)
Also, pin your 4" squares right sides together.
 Step 3:
For your 2" squares, you will sew directly on your pencil mark, but for your 4" square, you will sew a seam a 1/4" on each side of the pencil mark,
 Cut directly on your pencil mark. Press with seams open.
For your 2" corners, you need to cut a 1/4" from your seam.
Press out with seams open.
Step 4:
Trim your two top squares to 5"

Step 5:
Trim your two lower squares to 3.5"

Step 6:
Sew your two top squares right sides together USING A 1/2" SEAM (this is the only 1/2" seam you will use) Make sure you match the middle point of the heart and pin from there. Press with seams open.
Step 7:
Now pin your two rectangles right sides together to the outside of your two bottom squares.
Press with seams open.
Step 8:
Sew your two bottom pieces right sides together. 

Step 9:
Pin your pressed bottom to your pressed top starting from the to middle seams, matched right sides together. Sew it together.
 Step 10:
Trip your completed heart block to 9.25" x 7.75".

Step 11:
Sew your 2- 2" x 7.75" strips right sides together on the left and right side of the heart.
Press with seams open.
 Step 12:
Sew your last 2 strips (2" x 12.5") right sides together to the top and bottom of your heart.
Press with seams open.
 Step 13: 
 Trim it up!
(Approx. 12.5" x 10.5")

Step 14:
Sandwich, baste, quilt, and bind! 

There you have it! A completed Valentine's Heart Mini Quilt!

And just for kicks I'm throwing in some pictures of a couple others I made based off the Heart Mini Quilt Tutorial. Enjoy!



  1. You are amazing. Love it. The tutorial is awesome. I am going to make one!