Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Mini Heart...


I had an error block that I had lying around from figuring out the heart block for the tutorial. So today I went back and fixed it and decided I might as well make it into another little mini. I used more scraps to complete it. I did some things different from the first. I pieced the back, and added a little raw edge batting patch that I FMQ to bri heart jayme. This one is for my sister Brianne. It's actually smaller than the one in the tutorial posting. It ended up being around an 8x10 or so. Since I put the raw edge patch on the back, I FMQ around it on the backside, then on the front, I followed that heart outline in ripple effect. Don't look too closely at the heart, it was not a natural motion when I was FMQ. Anyway, hope you find time to try out the pattern for someone special this Valentine's Day.


  1. That is so cute! I love the quilting and the back and everything about it!

  2. Super cute, I love the heart on the back, great idea! Oh, and Bliss? *swoon*