Wednesday, March 14, 2012


... no not that kind. My mother-in-law calls her UnFinished Objects, UFO's. Sometimes I call them that, sometimes I call them W.I.P.'s, either way, this baby is finished! I originally started it in attempts to write up a tutorial on how to frame a block made from Jellyroll strips. Then I got some advice from a friend (and mommy to a brand new baby girl) and immediately took down that posting. Why? Because I don't want anyone thinking that I'm in the business of stealing.

For this partcular quilt, I based it, (get that BASED it) off of Julie Hermann's Radio Way quilt pattern. I have never seen her pattern and therefore do not know her process or measurments for her quilts. But this is my version.

I used 20 jelly strips (the exact amount in a jellyroll you can purchase from JoAnn's). 16 of them were used for the blocks, and 4 were used for the binding. I had very little waste. I also used up the last little bit of my teal polka dot flannel for the backing (about 37"- not a lot of hangover, like I said, very little waste)! My quilt measures in at a 36" square. Perfect for a baby quilt!

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  1. It's beautiful!! I've got some charm squares I'm sending to see what kind of lovely you can make with them.