Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where ya been?

Sorry I have been a little MIA lately. I took off super early Thursday morning to head to California to photograph a wedding and some senior portraits. I had a rough start, what should've been a 14 hour drive took me appx. 18 hours. I lost my transmission (all but 3rd gear) about 9 hours into the trip due to severe headwinds. The van could barely maintain 50 mph and the transmission had a rough time pushing into the wind. My poor 9 mo. old (who has never spent more than 45 minutes in his carseat, ever) was stuck in the car for 18 hours!! Anyway, Friday I took some senior pictures and Saturday I spent all day in Sacramento taking wedding pictures. Sunday morning I headed to the airport and flew to Salt Lake. Then I caught a bus and finally got home around 7:30pm. I did some sewing yesterday and then lost my card reader so I can't post pictures yet. Until I find it...here's some pictures I snapped over the weekend.

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