Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Geometric Table Runner...

Art Gallery Fabrics sent me the most gorgeous scraps a couple weeks ago. I LOVE Art Gallery Fabrics. I had never worked with them before, but they are soo soft. That is until I starched the crap out of them! Ha! Anyway, they're challenge was, if we sent you scraps, make something, and send us a picture. Well they also had a challenge this month to make a geometric table runner, with geometric quilting. It's not the best thing I've made, in fact, I was making it while dealing with some other things and I was frustrated. So my heart and mind weren't into it and I was really dissappointed with the outcome. I should've just stopped when I started going into that mindset and came back to it. But I'm not one to leave projects in the middle. It's not bad, I just don't love it, and the workmanship is not the best.

Back to it, these aren't my normal colors. Plum Purple? Not usually, but purple is growing on me. My favortie part is the striped binding, of course! It now sits under my t.v. to protect my t.v. stand.


  1. It looks wonderful, even though plum purple isn´t my color too ;D

  2. We thought your runner was the Bee's Knees... great job :) Saddle bag? Knock em dead with that challenge...