Saturday, November 10, 2012


Yesterday I finished this commissioned NERF quilt. (Ignore the wonkiness of the pillows, I had to stuff them with what I had!)

When Patty asked if there was anyone that could make a twin sized bedroom set for her grandson, I thought, there has to be one already out there. I searched everywhere, and there wasn't. So I decided, if this kiddo loves NERF that much, then there had to be something I could do to help out. This quilt took me so long to make. I started it months ago, and it should've been done within a week or so. But here it is, soooo many months later (like 3?) and I just finished up the binding today yesterday.. Patty also asked for a couple pillows and a valance. No prob! Except with the hubs being gone so much and machine issues, it just didn't happen until now. However, I'm happy to report that this set is done, and ready to be delivered. I hope Jacob loves his new quilt as much as he loves his grandma for having it made for him. Okay, maybe not nearly that much, but I'm sure he will love it. :)


  1. oh son would love this!

  2. I am in love with this quilt! Do you sell these - or could you give me some tips on the logo portion?

    1. Hey There! I do sell custom quilts, and can certainly put you into my queue for a custom NERF quilt if you're interested. Contact me and I'll give you a quote!

  3. Hi, I am interested in your price for a Nerf quilt similar to the one you show here. The only change I would make is possibly not having 'NERF' written in.

    Please email me at

  4. I would like one exactly like this. Pillow cases and all, even the Jacob pillow. Please email me @ subject NERFROOM