Friday, November 9, 2012

goings on...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful support after my last post! It had been a really rough week and I think that not having a computer or a sewing machine helped me to take some extra little time to relax and Since I didn't have a sewing machine to use for a couple weeks, I found things to make that didn't require one. One of those projects was my mini-pinnies. Most of these were gifts. And because I didn't have a computer until now, this is the only picture I have available at the moment. I'll remedy that soon!

Mini pinnies!!!

Apparently my sewing machine needs new tension discs and the cost is much too high to consider replacing right now, because I had to replace a few other expensive things as well, like a computer. So my wonderful and super generous friend Bobbie has lent me one of hers. TONS of appreciation and gratefulness for her!! There are a couple other people I need to thank as well. After my "text print" post, FS reader Carla was soooo kind and sent me some from her stash! My MIL Laurie went on a New England quilt shop hop and found me a few others! A post with pictures is coming soon! I am SOO blessed to have such wonderful quilters in my circle of friends! I haven't finished many of my projects but once I got the borrowed sewing machine I went to work with full force. I'm currently working on finishing up the commissioned NERF quilt/pillows.

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  1. So glad you like them. If you can't sew, at least you can pet the fabric!