Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So the past few days I've been trying to figure out what's most important in my life...

I have always put my kids and my husband before myself, and then find comfort in my sewing, when I can sew. But the truth is...I'm just burying how I'm really feeling; using my family as a front for not being happy with myself. I've been feeding myself this lie (and peanut m&m's) that as long as I'm able to be creative in some way, I'll be happy.

Enough is enough!! The other day I told my sister in law that I was going to take a hiatus from sewing come April...because that should give me enough time to get some projects done that I need to get done. For some reason I can only focus on one thing at a time...well, it's time to focus on me. I do have a few projects that need getting done, but I can easily manage those on the side.

The most important thing is for me to focus on me, to get healthy, to get happy, to get a life outside of this bubble that I live in (called my super messy house).

Today I visited a blog that I've been a follower of for a long time...I've been so busy I haven't caught up in Google Reader in a couple years...oops. House of Smith's is the cutest DIY blog out there and the writer/owner Shelley Smith has been on a weight loss kick since last year. She has lost 70 lbs. and seems so happy! I want that. Although I could stand to lose a full 65 lbs. I'd be happy with the 45 (or even 30!) that I have gained in 8 years of marriage (this April).

So I'm doing it. This is it. I don't want to lose any readers over this and I don't plan on posting a whole lot to the blog over the next few months but I do feel that blogging about it may prove to be helpful...hold me accountable. And maybe someone, even one of you would be inspired to do the same. I don't usually finish things; one of the reasons why quilting/sewing is so satisfying. But this is really important.

My goal is to lose 45 lbs. by October 1st. That's possible. That's only 6 pounds a month!

I won't share much more information except that I am 5'9 and am a size 18. I'm posting a couple before pics so that if you're interested in following any progress you can see it as well (oh goodness this is really starting to sink in...).

And since I don't want to have you leave the blog on a fatty note, here's a couple pics of sewing related things. I received my swap package from the Doll Quilt Swap, and I just dropped off that queen size quilt to my local long arm quilter. I will FOR SURE post pictures of it when it comes back.


  1. Good luck with your weight loss.I will be watching .xx

  2. Good luck! Please post your progress...it might modivate some of us including me!

  3. You are brave and you CAN do it! I did WW 18 months ago and lost half of my goal... now I'm getting back on it for the rest. It was worth it - even halfway I feel so much better and you will too!

  4. Good for you. I have told myself the same lie. My mom bought a total gym and today was day one. We have very similar goals. We can do it:)

  5. hooray! You're roughly my size. people don't believe my weight because I'm tall, so what makes me look pretty heavy is a number they think of as massively obese on your five- foot- two woman. I was fortunate (?) to be sick all through pregnancy, so I weigh less than before the baby was born, but I've still got forty lbs to go to wedding weight and another twenty to my optimal ( which is still more than textbook ideal, but I'm German and start to look gaunt in the 150s). I suppose my main goal is to weigh less than my husband... hopefully, as the kid's learned to walk, I'll start to get a bit more exercise just chasing her around! here's to success for both of us.