Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finish-A-Long Link Up...D

Hello from Sunny California!

This past weekend was filled lots of driving and family gatherings. On Saturday my neice Baylee was baptized and confirmed a member of the LDS church. Then on Sunday (Happy late Easter!) my newest nephew Liam was blessed by his dad in Orem, Utah. So first thing Sunday morning we left Idaho and drove the 4 hours down to Orem to be a part of that ordinance and special occasion. Afterward, my mom and I hopped back in the car with my two boys, (my husabnd stayed to drive back up to Idaho with my sister and her family) and drove from Orem to the East Bay of California. We got in around 2 am. I'm staying here in Cal for a week which means that all my pics and bloggy extras are at home and not available to me. And since the first quarter for the Finish-A-Long has come to a close I'm stuck reporting my progress from an unknown computer.

This was my original list of things to get done:

2 baby boy plus quilts (currently cut out and on the design wall - sorry about the bad iPhone pics and the stickies i left one them. I originally had these combined into one, but I figure I'll actually get them done if I make them 2 smaller quilts, instead of one bigger one.)
"Left Overs" baby girl quilt (put away somewhere)
2 Reunion baby quilts (put away somewhere - need more fabric)
Hilary's A Walk in the Woods baby quilt (ready to baste)
Hub Quilt (<----more on that later)
2 swap items: One for the Doll Quilt Swap, and One for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap
And this is the progress report:
Doll Quit Swap: Doll Quilt Complete and on time. I LOVED this quilt and was sad to see it go. But I know that my partner liked it too so I'm glad it went to a happy home. Taken from my phone...

Pretty Little Pouch Swap: Complete and on time. I attempted to make a Triple Zip using the tutorial from Deb at A Quilters Table. I was pretty happy with it even though I had issues understanding the last couple steps of the tutorial. 
2 baby boy plus quilts: 1 DONE, and 1 left to be bound
"Left Overs" baby quilt quilt: I pulled this one out and realized that I didn't want to make it a baby quilt. I added a few more blocks and pieced the top and when it's completed it will be a lap quilt.
2 reunion baby quilts: The girl version was quilted and then when I started squaring it up, it WOULDN'T square up. So what started out as a large baby quilt, ended up being a mini quilt. Yeah. I had one of those OCD moments and wouldn't stop cutting until it was perfect...I finally gave up. So, I haven't even started on the boy version. 
Hilary's A Walk in the Woods baby quilt: This was my first finish. Since it wasn't mine, it was in and out before I even got a chance to take a picture. And because it was a gift for someone else, once I sent it back to her, there wasn't a chance to ask her to get a picture for me either. 
Hub Quilt: Since I'm in California and will be missing my hubs birthday and our 8 year anniversary, AND since my back went out during the trip he took where I thought I would be able to complete it while he was gone, I finally just gave in and told him I was making a quilt. I'm using Allison's Squares and Strips pattern, and using a variety of David Butler fabrics from either of his Parson Grey lines. I'm very excited for this one to be done. I'm done piecing all the blocks, now I just have to lay them out and sew it together (twin size).
I've gotta say that I'm pretty happy with my progress. I completed 4 out of my 9 projects and made excellent headway on the others. If I didn't have my back issues and if my hubs wasn't gone for 4 weeks this quarter I may have completeed a lot more but it is what it is and I'm good with it all!
Hope everyone has a great week and I'll be sharing my NEW list for the second quarter when I get back from Cal! Stay tuned!

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