Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quilt Market: Pt 1

Last Thursday I hopped in my car and drove the 11+ hour drive to Portland, OR for Quilt Market. I was able to attend thanks to my super awesome and gracious friend Allison...who I mention quite a bit on my blog, because she's just that dang awesome. So after the long drive and getting lost in Portland, I finally got to the Convention Center. Thank goodness it was large because my legs certainly needed the stretch. As I came down the escalator to the entrance of the showroom floor, the first person I spotted was a wonderful lady, Melda Dean Johannes, who I met almost 8 years ago when I took engagements/wedding pictures for her daughter, and I haven't seen for a few years. Back then, I had no idea that the quilting community would give us several of unexpected reunions, much like the one in the Convention Center Thursday evening. After catching up with her a bit, I spotted several other woman who I know by name, but only know through the online quilting community. Including Camille Roskelley, Jeni Baker, Sandy Klop, Amy Smart, and many others. After being starstruck for several minutes I was finally able to meet up with Allison. We headed into the showroom and walked by several booths that I couldn't wait to see up close and in person. At one point, Allison turned away and said, in a very calm professional way, "Hey Heather..." I about choked when I realized she was talking to the one and only Heather Ross, whose booth was situated right across from Allison's. I about died. No seriously. Especially since I looked like I had 12 hours of car seeping from every pore of my body. EW, gross. But she introduced us and Heather shook my hand anyway, and I know she could tell I was a bit in awe.
Allison's Cluck Cluck Sew booth
Heather Ross's booth
Jay (Al's super funny and supportive hub) brought us Jimmy Johns and we ate before they had to go to another meeting. While she was there I was able to wander around a bit more; spotting people like Pat Bravo, Jeni again, Vanessa Christenson, and a few others. They were all super busy setting up there booths so of course I just smiled (keeping myself from screaming with excitement) and continued walking. I came back to Al's booth and Scott Hansen approached me and started talking to me about Allison's booth. It's a good thing I pretty much stay caught up with what she does so I didn't look like a complete idiot! But then I felt like a stalker. A little while later we headed upstairs to sample spree. By this time, the line outside the conference room was insane. We went it, set up shop, and got to look around a bit to see the layout of all the shops participating in case we wanted to step away and join the chaos. I spotted a couple things and then waited for the doors to open to let in the stampede of fabric hungry women. Since I was already in there I felt like it would be cheating to hit the ground running once the doors opened. So I waited a bit, filmed the entry with my iphone, and then aimlessly walked around amongst the crowd. I did manage to get the bundles I wanted.
All the Sample Spree vendors chatting, mingling, and getting ready for the doors to open.
Briar Rose (Heather Ross) - Summer Love (Pat Bravo) - Global Bazaar (Anne Griffin)
After Sample Spree, I headed back to my car and ticked off more than a couple Portland natives with my driving while trying to navigate the one-way streets to the freeway. I made it to my friends house in time to catch up and get some sleep before my Friday adventure at Quilt Market.

Quilt Market: Pt 2 coming soon!


  1. I think I looked like a deer in the headlights ! How cute is Jeni Baker. I wanted to bring her home ; ) looking forward to reading more about your experience

  2. How fun, sounds like a great start :)