Friday, May 31, 2013

Quilt Market - Pt 2

So the first day of Quilt Market I didn't really feel well, but I was just too super excited to think about it. The first person Brandy and I visited (after stopping in to see Allison, of course) was Jeni Baker. She is the cutest funnest (little) gal ever. She is so sweet and has such a fun personality, and it was so great to finally meet her in person. I even got to hold George (so to speak)! I love her new line and can't wait to get my hands on the panel prints! 
I super enjoyed meeting the lovely Amy Butler and Heather Bailey. Amy was so kind and was very outgoing! I loved everything about her Belle station at the Freespirit booth! I didn't get to meet the Mr., which I think may have been a good thing. Can you imagine? I probably would've made a fool of myself.
Heather Ross was awesome. So fun and outgoing. I was able to talk to her a few times over the course of the weekend, seeing as how I kept going back to Allison's booth and they were right next to each other. She's a favorite of mine, and now to put the real life personality behind the fabrics, everything Heather Ross I look out now just makes it that much cuter.
 Here she is signing Brandy's book.
 And there's my mermaid.
Day 2 at market I felt much better (and looked 10x better) but got less pictures. Of course. In fact, these are the only two I got. Brandy and I stopped by a demonstration of long arm quilting and the Handi-Quilter booth that was being given my Angela Walters (who I met the day before but didn't get a picture with...I'm so dumb). At one point I looked up and there amongst the group was Tula! It was so surreal. Anyway, we left the group and headed over to her super awesome and colorful booth. We were able to purchase her 100 Blocks book and get them signed. And of course, posed for a picture. She's awesome and hilarious. Again, a highlight of my day!
Last but not least, Brandy snapped a picture of my amazingly talented friend Allison (Cluck Cluck Sew), who I was so glad to see since she moved away almost a year ago! Sad...I absolutely adore her and her family. She's a great cook (yes, she has made me dinner before), a kind neighbor (those are sometimes hard to come by), the most talented quilter and designer (no seriously, LOVE her stuff), creative decorator (I need her to come decorate my future house), patient and loving mother (I've seen her in action, even after my kiddo threw a rock at her front window and broke it), and generous friend. Thank you Allison! You are the best!


  1. awe that was so fun...I only wish I could have spent more time with you! This summer we're coming to Idaho in August and we need to get together and let the boys play!!

  2. I should have asked for a pic with Allison. I'm too chicken. Glad you had fun. Next time I will spend more time dawdling. I only had 1 day so tried to see it all : ) seeing the designers in their booths was definitely a highlight!

  3. Quilt markets looks like so much fun! But who could be sad when surrounded by so many beautiful fabrics anyway?

  4. It was so much fun!! Thanks for bringing me!!!!