Friday, July 12, 2013

Stressed to the max...

Hey All!!!

I didn't forget about you! Promise! Things have been crazy the past few weeks.

A couple days before fourth of July we got a phone call that our landlord signed new tenants for the rental and that we needed to be out by the end of the month. Begin freaking out now. We have been looking for a new place for a couple months now and unfortunatly in our little town, there's a HUGE turnaround, so good rentals are hard to find. They are also incredibly overpriced because people need them. (We live in a college town). That night we went on a little drive around town to see if we could find anything that maybe wouldn't be listed on Craigslist or any of the local rental sites. Luckily, my husband and I are both blessed to have smart phones, so while we were out, I hopped online and within 10 minutes there was a new house up for rent. IT'S OURS!! So we emailed the owner right away, drove by just to see the outside, and knew we were going to like it.

For 4th of July weekend my little family drove the 14 hours to California to go help out at my grandpa's house. I had started some simple updating and renovating when I was there last, but there's only so much I can do when I'm the only adult watching my two kids plus my 84 year old grandfather who for the most part has less brain funcunality than my almost 7 year old. So power tools were a no go. This round I had my husband with me, and my mom had time off work for the holidays. So she had the "kids" and my husband and I worked non-stop on finishing up those renovations that I had started and couldn't finish. I'll have pics to share later.

This past week was spent trying to recoup from the holiday weekend, and pack stuff to get ready for our move. The house was in total chaos when we got a phone call that the owner of this place wanted to bring to new tenants throught the next day. Enter panic mode. My husband has been working long hours at work and I've been avoiding doing anything because of the heat. So Wednesday was spent cleaning this house from top to bottom, all while two little boys are making other messes and undoing what I've already done. Thank goodness my sister-in-law took my oldest during my little ones nap time. I owe her big

My hectic schedule isn't over yet. I'm still taking care of kids, packing up stuff, and preparing to make a commissioned quilt that is needed before Aug 8th. I have a wedding to shoot on the 20th, pictures to edit, a move to make, a house to clean, pre-bridals to shoot, more pics to edit, a wedding to shoot down in Utah on Aug 9th, followed by even more pics to edit. I'm looking forward to the those couple weeks in the middle of August when I have some down time to unpack in the new house, and register my oldest for his first grade year at a new school, which is right across the street. :)

So I'm not avoiding the giveaway, I've just prolonged the entry (which I didn't really specifiy in the first place).

The giveaway will stay open until this Sunday evening (14th) at 10pm EST. Good luck everyone!!!

In the meantime, here are a couple of Instagram photos (findingsweetland). Look who I found in this months issue of American Patchwork and Quilting...yup that's my little one right there. Love him.

And I picked up some crushed velvet fabric and my local thrift store for $2. I'm excited to recover something for the new rental! Be prepared for a whole lot of furniture redo's!!

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  1. Goodness! What a whirlwind! I'm tired just reading this post. Good luck with your move, and enjoy your new home.