Friday, September 27, 2013

Mom's Birthday Quilt

My "Left Overs" quilt was started after I fell in love with this quilt I made last year. 
 I had a hard time giving it away and so I started making extra blocks to make one for myself.
I finally got the top completely put together right before we moved. And it sat that way until last week. I knew this quilt needed to be turned into something special and the raw edge flower was just the thing to make it more than it was. So last Friday I made it happen.

The border fabrics are all leftover 2.5" strips from some of my more memorable quilts that I LOVE! And the flowers were made from fat quarters from my stash. I just drew out a flower shape that I liked on some card stock and cut out 10 flowers (bottom layer). Then I cut my template down a bit and cut out 10 more (top layer). I ironed the petals and the base layer of the flower to the quilt top, then put together my quilt sandwich. Once I had the whole thing quilted, I went back and attached the top layers of the flower, and the stitching to adhere those layers became the quilting in the flower squares. The backing is some of my favorite vintage sheet from my stash (same as the border fabric from the quilt at the top)'s amazingly soft!!
 Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. Yep. This is mine. Al Mine!!! I LOVE it Jaymes!!! & Love you too!!! Thank you SO much!!!

  2. So gorgeous! Love your header by the way

  3. absolutely LOVE the quilt!!!!!!!!!!