Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Wow it has been a while! These past couple weeks have brought about some much needed destashing, a couple of colds, very little sewing, more trips to the post office than most people make in a 6 month period, and the most dangerous...BUYING fabric on Instagram from #thegreatfabricdestash. It's been nuts. Seriously. If you have little to no self-discipline than DO NOT follow that hashtag on Instagram. It's dangerously expensive, and addicting. However, I did manage to snag quite a few prints that I, naively, did not buy 2 years ago while shop hopping. If I had, I would've saved a lot of time these past two weeks, and a lot of money. :(

Heather Bailey "Pop Garden"
Lizzy House "Castle Peeps"
Tula Pink "Acacia"
Mixed bundle of "Meadowsweet", "Happy Go Lucky", "Scrumptious", "Pearl Bracelets", "Remix" and others
Lizzy House "Red Letter Day"
Before the destash even started I had managed to purchase these beauties too.

Lizzy House "Outfoxed"
Lizzy House "Catnap"
Lizzy House "Catnap"
And some time in between all the destashing and stashing, I also put together this giant star baby quilt for a customer on Etsy. She sent me a picture she loved of a quilt made in "Hometown" by Sweetwater which is out of print and pretty hard to come by unless you have to the money to buy scraps here and there. So I did the next best thing and hit up my l.q.s. and bought fabrics that resembled the style of the line and that were similar in tone.

Hopefully it won't be too long before my next post. I've got more things to share. But somehow I have lost time in my day! Stay warm everyone!

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