Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sewvivor - Finding Sweet Land - Jayme Christensen

I love following along with the Sew-vivor competitions hosted by Rach of Family Ever After. If you aren't familiar with this competition. Here's a little about it in Rach's words:

What is Sewvivor? 
"It's a sewing competition that I created on my blog, and its loosely inspired by the show Survivor. We've had two successful seasons so far, with some outstanding sewing and competitors. The main idea is that anyone can audition, "sewlebrity" judges help choose our contestants, we have 4 weeks of sewing competition with specific challenges, and a couple Sew-vivor "twists" along the way. The judges and public vote for their favorites after each challenge. The winners score some amazing prizes at the end."

Many of the competitors from past seasons were seamstresses. Sewing garments has never been my strong suit. I tried entering a quilt in the first season and the competition is tough when you are competed against the cutest little girl dresses you've ever seen! So I skipped season 2 all together. But since this season is all about quilting, I'm all over it.

So on to my audition quilt!

I know you're probably sick of seeing this quilt, but it's my favorite quilt that I've made to date. It was entirely cut, pieced, pressed, basted, quilted and bound by me..for me. I'm absolutely in love with the Scout Pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew and I had to make it for myself.

I gathered the fabrics as I shop hopped the annual Eastern Idaho Shop Hop that includes Eastern Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. It's a very long and tiring trip driving through all that country but it's absolutely wonderful to take a road trip like it every once in a while.

It was funny, the faces I'd get when I'd pull out my growing pile at each store. Those women must've thought I was nuts putting all these fabrics together. But I love what I love. Bright, scrappy, and a mix of modern and traditional prints in modern colorways. I've never been the type of person to make a quilt using only one line of fabric. I love to put together my own bundles.

Once I was done pieceing I knew that I wanted to quilt it in a couple of different tight FMQ designs all on my little Viking domestic machine. Since I knew that this quilt would be well loved, I wanted to make sure it held together over time. I used my favorite white Superior Threads Magnifico thread and used three different designs. A back and forth curve in the feathers similar to the quitling on the original quilt that Allison made. Then I tried something new in the sahsing and to date, it's my favorite design to use now, and a little rope design in the arrow portion of the quilt.

It's backed in the cutest little Alexander Henry print and my favorite print from Kate Spain's line Central Park. (and yes, I am in my pajama pants holding up a quilt in 90 degree weather)

I hope you enjoyed visiting my blog and learning more about this quilt. It has become a popular quilt in my house and my boys always grab it for themselves even though it's "Mom's quilt"!


  1. Love the colors and the quilt pattern, I'm going to have to look it up for myself :)

  2. i really like that pattern!
    a hint of herringbone almost, but in it's own unique way.
    the quilting is awesome as well.
    best of luck to you in the auditions!

  3. So beautiful! You nailed this!

  4. I love Cluck Cluck Sew's patterns! And you did a fantastic job with this pattern. Colors are spot on! Best, Kate

  5. This is SO beautiful! I'm very fond of your talent and would love to see you make it through to the next round. Best of luck to you!

  6. I'm so glad you decided to take the plunge and enter this season! Your quilt it drop dead gorgeous. The quilting details are so fun. Thanks so much for entering!!!

  7. I love your fabric choices! It's really a beautiful quilt. I hope you do well in sewvivor!