Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pillow Fight Swap

Hey All!

It's been a while...again. A lot has happened in the past couple months. We moved into our own home!! Finally!

So I've been unpacking and trying to catch up on sewing projects. That little man up there in the picture started the second grade a little over a week ago and will be turning 8 next month. He's so excited to start Cub Scouts and is already making lots of friends in the neighborhood. This has been a long time coming and we couldn't be more thrilled with the house and town that we are blessed to raise our boys in.

My other "little" started pre-school last week and is still trying to master potty training.

In the mean time, my in-laws have moved in with us until they leave to serve a mission for our church. They brought along two big furry friends, a chocolate and a black lab. So its been fun so far and will continue to be fun for the boys to have a couple more loyal companions.

On the sewing front, I've been trying to catch up on sewing in between organizing the house, painting the house, getting kids started in school, and making the youngest go potty in the potty.

I finally braved paper piecing in order to make this little (and by little I mean 19") pillow cover out of economy blocks. I LOVE this block. It's so easy and fun to make! I used the Red Pepper Quilts tutorial that is free on Craftsy. You just download the template and go. There was a bit of a learning curve and I made a couple mistakes but once I got started those blocks were kind of addicting. At least I finally dug in to my scraps and used some of my favorites that have been in there for a long time.

Coming soon: A tutorial...yay!! Also, "before" and "in progress" pics of the house.

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