Monday, February 23, 2015

Suburbs Mini Quilt

A while back I decided to put together a mini quilt for my friend Allison. Since she moved from Idaho a few years back we have only seen each other once since then (thanks for letting me tag along to market Al!). She was my neighbor here in The Burg and our oldest kids are the same age. I was sad that they were moving to WA but very happy she would be nearer to her parents (who are just as awesome as she is, by the way). To surprise her and show her I was thinking about her I made and sent this mini quilt. I drafted my own pattern/measurements from her Suburbs pattern and I think she has something in the works for this mini, so stay tuned to her blog!


  1. Love this! What is the approximate size of each house?

  2. Thanks! The houses are about 3"x5".