Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bonnie Christine + Renaissance Ribbon Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the BC+RR Blog Tour! 

I am so excited to be participating in Bonnie Christine's blog tour to promote her line of ribbons!

 There are a lot of designers that I like for different reasons but Bonnie's designs are so me. Colorful, deep, and whimsical. Everything I love about fabric design wrapped into one designer. So no surprise that I jumped at the chance to work with her line of ribbons she designed for Renaissance Ribbons. I had a few ideas for things that I wanted to make, but the hardest part was deciding what and how to make it so I knew how much fabric and ribbon to order!! I should've just ordered everything I could!! Oh well...maybe another blog tour is in my future. 

The first thing I chose was the ribbon I wanted to work with, followed by my fabric choices. That was a tough decision. I mean, just look at all this gorgeousness!!!

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Christine
But it the end these were the choices I made. Gorgeous prints from her "Winged" collection for Art Gallery and a coordinating ribbon from Renaissance Ribbons.

 For my project, I decided to make a pillow. There were several ways I could do it, but I wanted to use the reverse applique technique, with an envelope and D-ring strapped backing.


This pillow really brightens up my living room and provides a much needed dose of spring since the weather decided to bring us snow yesterday.

I hope you are enjoying the blog tour. Yesterday, Bonnie's mother, Maxie, made The Perfect Whatever Bag... she is seriously amazing! Now we all know where Bonnie gets her awesomeness!! And tomorrow we'll get to see what Shannon made with her ribbon. Visit her by clicking HERE.

If you want to go back to all the Blog Tour Posts, click HERE and you'll find a list of all the bloggers/sewists who participated in the blog tour!


  1. Those ribbons are fabulous on the pillows!

  2. I love your pillow!! That's quite amazing what you did with the ribbon!!

  3. That pillow is fabulous! How bright and cheery.