Monday, February 20, 2012

It's done! Well, the top is done...

Guess what I spent 4 hours doing yesterday? Sewing! I'm paying for it today, but I was finally able to square up the 40 remining blocks of Hilary's quilt, and sew the quilt top together. 


Then my hubs dropped it off to be quilted this week! It's a huge relief to know that it's just about done. Once she's done quilting it I'll be able to throw on the binding, and give it a little wash so it gets crinkly before I send it off to Alaska! In the mean time, I'm taking a little rest from the machine. Did you get that earlier in the post? My back is killing me so I'm taking a little sewing break for the next few days. If I really feel up to it I'll work on a little something extra to go with Hilary's quilt, or work on my nieces quilts.

Which reminds me, I raided Allison's scraps (again, THANKS AL!) and she had some left over sraps from her own Amy Butler Soul Blossoms quilt. So currently on my design wall is:


I'm basing this one off of this quilt, by Emily Herrick (see more of her quilts in THIS post):

(Image Removed)

I really love it and it should go together quickly. My sister said she wants a queen, (that's right I said QUEEN) size, but I just don't think I have it in me to do 2 queen sized quilts in a row. I'm just getting started here! I rarely do anything bigger than a baby quilt! So I told her maybe not this quilt, maybe next year when she gets baptized, or when she turns 12 and enters Young Women's. Until then, she'll have this throw sized quilt to snuggle up under!

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