Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New directions...

Hahaha...I was thinking about that as a title, then I realized I must REALLY have Glee on my mind!!! Anyway, after several attempts that all seemed to have failed completely and burned a fiery death, I decided to give up on a few things and then scrap a couple more all together without even trying. Horrible? No, not really. I'm not comfortable or near as skilled as I think is required for some of the challenges I wanted to enter, and therefore, I don't want to waste my precious fabric in the attempts. Even if I DID manage to complete a project the excecution would be shotty and wouldn't win me the big prizes or even advance me to the opportunity to win big prizes. So I thought I'd share the ideas with you in case one of you wants to take it and run with it!

Moda is having a skill competition called SLICED. It's like that show Chopped on Food Network but with sewing, obviously. The audition period ends on the 29th of this month! There's not much time left, so get going! You can see entered projects HERE.

Also, the Sew-vivor contest, which is also a creative yet somewhat skill based challenge, is hosted by Family Ever After. There's a tab to the right of my blog but you can also click HERE. The linky to enter your project ends on the 29th as well.

Then there's a block challenged being hosted by Crazy Old Ladies, who also designs fabric, and there's a lot fo cool looking entries so far. You can visit the Flickr Group to see the entries so far.

I'm A Ginger Monkey is hosting a Fugly Swoon Block contest. There's actually some pretty horrid entries so far. It does sound like fun, but again, I think I'm going to concentrate on projects that I actually need to do.

The challenges I did manage to complete were my Tangerine Tango mini, which I'm absolutely in LOVE with. It's got a pillow form in it and it sits downstairs in my living room. And the other is my lego head TP roll cover. I'm not totally sold that it's a winner, again, excecution was my downfall, but it's still pretty creative. And even though I'm sure there are WAY better quilters out there that can make some super cute modern mini quilts, I'm still going to make mine for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge, simply because the design popped in to my head several months ago (for a large throw size quilt) and I would love to see a mini completed (plus it's already cut out and on the design wall).

Sorry no pictures for this post, just a quick update with a BUNCH of links in case anyone is interested in winning some AWESOME prizes. p.s. the grand prize for the SLICED competition is a Janome Horizon. Who wouldn't want that??

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