Monday, February 13, 2012

Tangering Tango Complete...

My Tangerine Tango project is complete. FINALLY. I have been going back and forth on this trying to figure out what I wanted to do. As you may recall, my first attempt at the TT Challenge brought about this mini quilt:

I decided I wouldn't settle just yet. Then with a couple weeks of drawing and practicing, I finally mustered up the courage to cut into the remaining tangering colored fabric I had. Which wasn't a lot. A simple mistake and I'd be heading to the fabric store...something I did NOT want to do. So, here it is, in all it's glory. Now keep in mind, this is my first, FIRST, pillow sham. And I do apologize for this first blurry photo. A certain 5 year old couldn't hold still to save his life!

Here is my pieced back:

And here is a close-up of the final quilting. I actually used a tangerine colored thread and did some stitch in the ditch around the details of the block, and then used my two different orange colored embroidery thread to follow the outline of the block. I really like the simplicity. All in all, I wanted a traditional looking block with modern elements...what do you think? Did I get it right?


I am linking this post up to the Everday Beautiful Inspiration Party at The Fabric Shoppe Blog.


  1. It is amazing! Love the patten and the pieced back!!!!!! I absolutely love the the outlining of the block. It looks so good!

  2. Very nice! I see a bowtie in there, too!

    Visiting through QuiltStory's link-up.


  3. Beautiful - and I love the pretty floral fabric!

  4. You are amazing! It's so beautiful!