Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sewing Machine Eye Candy

About a week ago, I came across this sewing machine on my local garage sale facebook page. I was lucky enough that the owner was willing to sell her to me at a price that I could afford (and justify). She's absolutely gorgeous (to me at least) and I couldn't wait to clean her up and display her in my sewing area. First thing I did when I got home was clean off my kitchen table. It doesn't get much use, except for breakfast and Sunday evening meals so the fact that their is always stuff on it doesn't seem to matter. I wanted to be sure to have a clean slate to work on this baby. I carefully pulled parts off and cleaned them up, setting them around her so I get as much of the old off her as possible. I don't know much about her so any information shared would be wonderful! The wiring of her motor cord was exposed so I removed the motor and will reattach it when the hubs has a second to take care of it. I'm not sure if the lamp works because I haven't put a bulb in it to check. The belt was broken as well, so really if I want to get her running I'll need to be sure the motor works, order a new belt, and try and find a pedal for her, but until the day comes that I could afford all that, I'll just let her sit and be adored.

I'm linking up to Debbie's Tuesday at the Table. I tried to use her button but I couldn't get it to work! Sorry. It's all about sharing stories about your table and since I don't cook, and I don't bake, using my table for other purposes, like this one, is pretty much all the action my table gets from me. Lame I know.


  1. I think it's fun! Your new machine is darling! Thanks for thinking of Tuesday at the Table and for linking up!

  2. Hi there. Just found your blog and am following ; )