Saturday, September 1, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted any super dupe fun sewing stuff lately. Would you believe that I was completely out of batting? So today I hit up Joann's for the first time in a long time, and got a LOT! Like enough to at least finish the two twin size quilts I'll be getting done in the next couple months, a few baby quilts, and another large throw quilt. So that'll be exciting for me, since I've got a LOT of WIP's I'd like to finish before I start NEW ones. I also received an order for a custom quilt. I'm pretty excited, because it's NERF themed! I can't wait to see it done, right now it's just a pile of uncut fabric and a sketch. I do have some things I've been doing but I somehow overlooked them and didn't take decent pictures of them. So, I hope these iphone photos suffice. If you'd like to get more frequent updates from Finding Sweetland, maybe consider following me on Facebook. No pressure though, I'll still like you all anyway!

I got this quilt put back up on my wall:

I also put this quilt up on my little wall:

I bought my first quilting book from Lizzie House (that came with a cute little handwritten note from Lizzie):

Made a few little pouches using the Noodle-head tutorial:

Made a pencil pouch using my own measurements (with a boxed bottom):

And quilted this quilt for my friend Brittany. See more pics of the quilt, here. She even used a raw edge binding...super cute.

Okay so I promise, more sewing fun, and better pictures coming soon! Hope you all have a great memorial day weekend!!


  1. Your tumbler looks great. I made one a while back. Very fun ; )

  2. What are you using to hold up you tumbler quilt pieces?!

    1. Hi Ashley! I have a full size flannel flat sheet pinned to my wall. It's pretty nice but sometime I wish I had a large piece of batting or fleece up instead. I have a smalle 45x50" piece of fleece behind my bedroom door and it works a lot better than the flannel.