Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Progress Update...

Last week was pretty productive. For a Healthy Lifestyle (HL) update, I managed to stay right around 1500 calories all 6 days. There were a few overages, I mean, really, what are the chances I'd end up on 1500 calories exactly everyday? I changed up my menu day by day after feeling SO restricted on Monday. Plus, that green smoothie, didn't sit well. That may have been because I NEVER eat raspberries or blueberries, and I do mean NEVER (maybe once in my life), so my body could've just been in shock from health food overload!

I didn't workout at all last week. The first couple of days I had massive headaches (from cutting caffeine out; cold turkey, no weaning off of it) and I think my body was in a bit of a shock from only getting 1500 calories. I was a bit fatigued and dizzy. By the end of the week I was so hungry, that I called my husband and had him bring my taco bell. And yes, I did account for the calories and was right on target for my caloric intake for the day.

Sunday was my cheat day and I think I went a little overboard. Even though my portions have been downsized by almost half of what I would normally eat, breafast was all carbs and sugar (waffles), lunch was leftovers from the night before (stroganoff), and dinner was corn chowder (pretty sure that one bowl exceeded my calories 3 times over).

So today I'm back to 1500 calories. I have to say that, even though I know that in any attempt to lose weight, you should only weigh yourself once a week since your weight will fluctuate all day everyday. But every morning I stood on my broken scale and watched the numbers go down. I'm not really sure if it's just my scale because it's broken, or if it was the decrease in water consumption throughout the week, but by the end of the week the scale was down five pounds...I'm not giving my hopes up...a new scale will join us when the next pay check comes in and that's a little scary. I've like the numbers my scale has given me that past 8 years. :)

Yesterday I managed to get quite a bit of things done in the sewing realm. I finished one of my baby boy plus quilts:

I pulled out the left over blocks I had from a baby quilt I made back in August for my cousin's baby and started putting together some more. These are basically just 8" white squares and a jelly roll strip. But I've been using scraps as well. This one I will be making for myself. Should be pretty quick since I cut all my strips from my scraps yesterday and my white squares are already cut. I have 11 blocks made and I will use 20 with a border. It should be a lap sized quilt when I'm done.

I also finished cutting the last 5 FQ's for THIS quilt. I have to be a bit vague on this one, I'm sorry, but it will be revealed when the first quarter of the Quilt A Long (button at the top right of the blog) is finished (the beginning of April). I'm pretty excited for it and I can't wait to share it with you!

I received my Friendship Bag from my awesome partner Stacey and she sent me the cutest bag and extras ever!!! I especially love the fat quarters! Colorful houndstooth from Textures by Patty Sloniger (I think!)

I received my Pretty {little} Pouch from the P{l}PS Flickr Group! Apparently, my partner, Jackie (who is super talented by the way), sent it around the 6th or 7th and her delivery confirmation showed that it had arrived at my house on the 12th. So when I received an email on the 20th from my swap mama asking me if I had gotten it yet, I was a little worried. I went around to all my neighbors and eventually made flyers to post on the mail boxes. The next day when I went to tape the flyers up, I checked my box, and it was there!!! I was soooo excited to find this package in my box...

So that's it for my progress report! I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Good luck on the lifestyle changes - it can be so hard (I know!! And thanks for the sweet shout out re: the friendship bag swap. It was a lot of fun - hope to do another one soon:)

  2. Im in love with the gray sashing fabric on the last you know what it is? I must use it for my Glamping quilt!