Monday, October 1, 2012

Pay It Forward 2012 Complete!

At the beginning of the year I came across a post on facebook that said something along the lines of, the first 5 people to post under this status will get sometihing handmade by me as part of Pay It Forward 2012. Well, I got 4 of those done super early in the year. I made mini quilts to help me practice quilting techniques. Just to recap, here are those projects:

Mini Quilt - Given to my mother in law, Laurie

Valentine's Day Wall Hanging - Given to my sister, Brianne

Mini Quilt - Given to my friend, Bobbie

Reverse Applique Mini Quilt - Given to my friend, Brandy

For the fifth project, I knew that I wanted to make a quilt, but life got to me, and then I was hesitant because the person who signed up was a guy. A guys guy. What could I possibly make him??? Because we all know I can't cook/bake. Then the other day we made plans to have dinner with him and his wife and I realized, if I don't get it done, they are going to leave town for the winter and I'm not going to see them until 2013!!! So, I sucked it up, decided they're getting a quilt! During nap time on Thursday I pulled out these layer cake squares and started sewing them together. I quickly realized that if I made the disappearing 9 patch, then I was going to lose several more inches that I didn't want to lose. So I kept it as a simple block quilt. I used all 42 squares in a 6x7 layout. I thought I was short on backing as well, but I did some creative cutting and managed to make it all fit. On Friday I basted it. Saturday I was on a "girls day" of mini shop hopping and didn't get any time to work on it. Late that night I realized we were going to be seeing them the next day and I didn't have any thread, so I sent my hubs to the store to get some. And on Sunday, I quilted and bound it. I took it outside at their place to catch some pictures of it along side their new addition (the pretty horse you see in the background who hasn't been named yet). Sadly, she's still a bit nervous and shy so I didn't get as many as I would have liked.


Fabric is Martinique by 3 Sisters for Moda. I won 2 charm packs a long time ago from Burgundy Buttons on CluckCluckSew and sold them to buy a layer cake. I liked the simplicity and quickness of using the larger precuts.


  1. Your projects are all wonderful!

  2. Lucky Greg & I bet Joanie just loves it too!!