Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Modern Mini

I decided to participate in the Modern Mini Challenge hosted by Ellison Lane Quilts. I participated last year as well with this Mug Rug. I super enjoy these small challenges that help me extend my limits and push myself out of my comfort zone.
First I scoured through Pinterest and found something I thought worthy to try and portray in a Modern Mini. I came across this art print by Sarah Westovers and I fell in LOVE with it. It's simple, yet stunning. I knew that I wanted a quilted version of this on my wall.
"Colorwheel 30" Art Print by Sarah Matson Westovers - Click on the photo to be taken to the Original Image
I went through my scraps and found geometric prints in the colors similar to the ones in the print. I do love the solids in the original print, but I LOVE scrappy, and since this is for me, I decided my scraps would do fine. My background is a white Michael Miller Cotton Couture and it is SOOOO soft. I have never used it before and I gotta say, it's awesome! I played around with the piecing (it was all improv but I wanted to stay true to the portions and angles of the original slices of color in the circle.)
 When I was done with my piecing I cut a template by tracing one of my dinner plates and then followed THIS tutorial from The Happy Zombie. I didn't hand stitched it down, I just top stitched over the edge. Then I did some free motion lines horizontally and vertically. I pebble quilted in the lower left quadrant of the circle and then put some random bubbles in the lower right corner. No my circles are not perfect, but seeing as how the original print isn't an exact circle either, I was okay with  it.
I finished it off with a white binding (with a few scraps). The backing is the 1001 Peeps geometric print you can see on the front (the smaller pink slice). The whole things measures 18 by 21 inches.

Of course I only realized after I was done that I stitched it down in the wrong position, so now it looks like a PacMan eating bubbles. Oh well, I still LOVE it!

There are a few things that were new too me while making this mini. 1) The improvisational pieceing of the circle 2) the method for turning the circle 3) the modern quilting 4) The Michael Miller Cotton Couture fabric and 5) the same color binding for a open landscape look.

I loved every second of watching this mini come together and I hope you all enjoy it too!!


  1. Beautiful and inspiring! Bet it will look great on your wall.:)

  2. it's so lovely and calming! Beautiful!

  3. Ohhh! I love it! I love the binding and colors! I love the inspiration pic and most of all that it looks like pac-man!

  4. Jayme, thanks for entering the Modern Mini Challenge! I love the inspiration for your mini and the fact that you took an art print you loved and made it your own. Very cool and very inspiring!